Julian Edelman Launches Home Runs Over The Green Monster

Julian Edelman Red Sox
NY Daily News

The New England Patriot’s wide reciever Julian Edelman made a visit to Fenway Park yesterday, and fulfilled most baseball fan’s dreams by taking batting practice at the oldest ballpark in the big leagues. Since I was about 10 years old I’ve wanted to take a few swings at Fenway, and that dream has followed me into my twenties and likely will follow me my entire life. If I could just reach the monster and hear that clang off the monster, I’d consider my life complete.

Edelman took it a step further, and took a few balls over the iconic 37-foot high wall

Sporting a Red Sox jersey, it wouldn’t be crazy if somebody mistook Edelman for a major league shortstop.

Some guys are just blessed with natural ability I guess. Red Sox third base coach Brian Butterfield, who is a massive Pats fan, says Edelman could definitely make it as a major league player. Must be nice.