JT Realmuto Gets Home Run Ruled a Single


One of the most bizarre replay overturned calls you’ll ever see happened at the beginning of the Miami Marlins game tonight. With Marcell Ozuna on first base, Marlins catcher JT Realmuto belted a homer to deep left center field.

Marlins take a quick 2-0 lead over the Brewers, right? Not so fast. For some reason, Ozuna went back to first base to tag up on the play. When he went back to the bag to tag, Realmuto continued his trot to first base and slightly past.

Seed Sack

When he passed the bag, it was a really close call to him passing Ozuna. When a batter passes a runner on the base paths, the batter is immediately called out. Replay review showed he did pass Ozuna, so the JT Realmuto home run ended up being scored an RBI single for the Marlins catcher, and Ozuna trotted around to score. See it for yourself.


Who knew this was even reviewable? This is one of those plays that you could never see again for another 100 years. It was actually a pretty close call. Props to whomever on the Brewers bench caught this one. Marcell Ozuna – be better.