Josh Tomlin Drank Terry Francona’s Chew


Terry Francona is a top 3 baseball guy you’d want to sit down and shoot the shit with for hours.

You might not want to have dips with Tito, however. It’s really disappointing because having a dip with the Cleveland Indians manager was way way up on my bucket list. Look at this guy.Terry Francona Chew

This guy and his bubble gum chews are legendary.

But you better be careful if you sit down with Tito in such situation. He went on MLB Network’s Intentional talk and told the story about the time he ruined Josh Tomlin’s entire day. Tomlin was shocked to find a nice turd of Terry Francona’s chewed up chaw at the bottom of his coffee.

I think most of us have been there before, taking a sip of the wrong cup on the bus. It’s something you never quite get over. I still hold grudges against guys who’ve made me the victim by placing their spitter inside my personal bubble. Tito is a savage for this one, but Tomlin got him back.