Josh Donaldson’s Glove Breaks On Line-Drive

Josh Donaldson's glove

In Thursday’s game against Baltimore, a line-drive off the bat of rookie outfielder Joey Rickard went through Josh Donaldson’s glove.

This ball was hit so hard it actually went through Donaldson’s glove. What an awful feeling for Josh. He played it perfectly, and his glove turned on him. He did absolutely nothing wrong.

Some things in life just really suck. This is one of them. It actually happened to me back in the day. I was playing outfield, on a little league diamond. Line-drive was hit to my right, I tracked it down, and it went right through my glove. I think two runs scored. Even though it wasn’t my fault, It still made me feel like an idiot. And I was playing in front of 20 people, roughly.

Doesn’t really matter with a guy like Donaldson, anyway. He’ll probably come back with 3 hits and a web-gem. But man, that sucks. I bet he gets a new glove rather than fixing that one. Shit, it’s probably bad luck now.

Oh, and don’t forget this is the second member of the left side of the Blue Jays infield to have this problem.