Josh Donaldson Rants about Pitchers Throwing at Hitters


The Blue Jays seem to be in the middle of a lot of scuffle lately, starting with their series with the Rangers when benches cleared, and seeing manager John Gibbons being ejected multiple times.

The drama didn’t stop when the team played the Minnesota Twins this weekend. Josh Donaldson had some words for Major League Baseball and how they are prioritizing the safety of players.

Seed Sack


“Major League Baseball has to do something about this…They say they’re trying to protect players. They make a rule that says you can’t slide hard into second base. They make a rule to protect the catchers on slides into home. But when you throw a ball at somebody, nothing’s done about it. My manager comes out to ask what’s going on and he gets ejected for it. That’s what happens.

“I just don’t get the point…I don’t get what baseball’s trying to prove. If I’m a young kid watching these games, why would I want to play baseball? Why? If I do something well or if somebody doesn’t like something that I do, it’s, ‘Oh, well, I’m gonna throw at you now.’ It doesn’t make sense. It just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Josh Donaldson was ejected from a game along with Blue Jays manager John Gibbons this weekend. He’s clearly heated, and probably has some beef here. He makes good points. The problem is it’s much more difficult to judge and police intent when it comes to pitches up and in.

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