Jonathon Papelbon Suspended Remainder of Season


Questions have been raining down about whether or not Jonathon Papelbon will be in a Washington Nationals uniform next year, but one thing is certain. You won’t see him in a Nationals uniform for the rest of this year.

Nationals organization and Matt Williams in a press conference announced this week that Jonathon Papelbon has been suspended for the remainder of the season following his incident with Bryce Harper. The Nats have handed out an extra 4 game suspension tacked on to the 3 game suspension from MLB for throwing at the head of Manny Machado.

Now to the question of Papelbon’s fate with the ball club for next year. The Nationals owe Papelbon $11 million through the end of next year. If you ask me, anyone that has beef with the face of your franchise NEEDS TO GO. I’m not sure what the market looks like for an $11 million Papelbon, but at the very least you write the guy a check for the remainder of his salary and GOOD RIDDANCE. If I’m a Nationals fan (and I’m not) I don’t want to see Papelbon in a Nationals uniform ever again.