Jon Lester Has Figured Out His Yips


I’ll always have a soft spot for Jon Lester. I remember watching his first game back in Cleveland after kicking cancer’s ass when I was a wee lad. I’ll never forget his dominating performance in the World Series later that year, and his dominance throughout the Red Sox 2013 playoff run. The Cubs are a fun team to root for, and Lester makes it that much easier for me.

He still can’t throw to first base, though. There have been multiple occurrences of Lester trying to throw a pick off to first, and missing entirely.

jon lester pick off yips

He’s even thrown his whole damn mitt over there.

jon lester pick off move yips

I’ll never understand how major league pitchers can throw 95+ with pinpoint location, and yet airmail throws to the bases.

Lester’s solution is an all-time genius move, however.

Lester finally seems to have figured out how to overcome his yips, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he kept doing it until it doesn’t work out for him anymore. Joe Maddon is a weird guy, so you know he’s got his manager’s approval.