Joe Maddon Throws Cubs Onesie Pajama Party


What a night it was for the Chicago Cubs last night. Jake Arrieta threw the first Chicago Cubs no hitter since Carlos Zambrano in 2008, and the Dodgers have been no hit twice in a 9 day span. I’m sure Arrieta and squad celebrating a no no was a blast. But the only way to make celebrating more fun would be to celebrate in pajama onesies the whole way home.

To end their roadtrip, manager Joe Maddon scheduled a pajama party. All the Cubs players threw on their best onesies. Arrieta? Threw on this mustache onesie that I’ve been looking for FOREVER. Damn you Jake.

It’s also kinda bullshit if you ask me. How do you find a coach like Maddon? The best my coaches have ever done is bring donuts on the bus for an early morning road trip. We weren’t even allowed to speak on the way home from a loss! (not really bull shit I’m just salty)

You’re welcome for these pictures