Joe Girardi Is An Idiot For Not Playing Alex Rodriguez

Joe Girardi

This past Sunday, Alex Rodriguez announced his final MLB game will be Friday, August 12th. Since he and the Yankees made that announcement, he hasn’t appeared in a single game. Rodriguez said he expected to play in all three games during the Yankees trip in Boston against the Red Sox, but he was sorely mistaken. He wasn’t in the lineup on Tuesday night, and isn’t again tonight. Yankee manager Joe Girardi said Rodriguez would start on Thursday against knuckleballer Steven Wright, who has since been scratched from the start, and it is unknown if Rodriguez is still going to play. Girardi’s explanation for not playing Rodriguez is simple, “We’re trying to win games”.

Give me a break. Your organization just punted 2016 and sold off all it’s valuable pieces, obviously working towards a rebuild. Rodriguez seemed upset that he wasn’t going to play during a pregame interview on Tuesday at Fenway Park, and rightfully so. This is why I don’t expect him to be done entirely. He’s getting royally screwed over by Girardi, and deserves more at-bats than he is getting.

Girardi then said that his job description doesn’t entail farewell tours, and Ken Rosenthal sent this shade his way.

Awesome. Love it. Need more of it. There is no way around it, Derek Jeter stunk in his final season. That didn’t stop Girardi from plugging him right into the two hole in the lineup every day, however. Jeter and A-Rod obviously were vastly different players, and Jeter was beloved by the entire Yankee organization, since he was boring as hell and kept his head down his entire career. He was “classy” as all New Yorkers love to put it.

Alex Rodriguez may not have been “classy”, but he still deserves to play in these last couple games. Yankee fans want to see him play in the pinstripes one last time, and to an extent, Red Sox fans want to see him at Fenway once more. They want to give him one last boo, and I’ll bet A-Rod wants to receive that one last, resounding boo. Girardi is a dink for not playing Rodriguez, and deserves all the criticism he is receiving.