Joe Carter Home Run Remains Toronto Blue Jays Best Memory


Well it looks like this is not the year for the Blue Jays to make a run. After being in the bottom half of that AL East for so long, and a 20 some year playoff drought, you’ve got to believe this season is still a success for Toronto. It’ll be interesting to see the players they keep, add, and might lose this offseason and if they’ll be able to make a long term run and be relevant consistently. What most people don’t know is that they have the money to do it. Toronto has one of the highest payrolls in all of baseball. I hope they do. Red Sox and Yankees will always have their fans, it’s good to see other teams consistently compete in the division. With all that being said, in 2015 the Joe Carter home run remains Toronto Blue Jays best memory at this point.

I thought a nice replay of the video and the home run call would maybe cheer up a Blue Jays fan or two. Only problem with my strategy here is only those 35 and older will really be able to recall and appreciate this video.

Don’t worry Millennial Jays fans, your time will come.