Jessica Mendoza Breaks Barriers With ESPN MLB


Jessica Mendoza on Monday became the first female in the booth during an MLB game on ESPN. Hold the sexist presumptions, because I was skeptical at first too. She has made some appearances on Sports Center and around ESPN’s MLB coverage, but a live game is a different animal.

For those of you that don’t know her, she was a 4 time All-American softball player at Stanford, and a Team USA Softball veteran. If you’ve never heard me bitch about it before, I think ESPN’s baseball coverage is AWFUL. With that being said, Mendoza was awesome. This chick knows the game and knows how to call it live.

Why can’t a woman call baseball? Why can’t a woman know baseball? Tons of men that have never played football past 8th grade think they know the game, so why couldn’t a 4 time softball All American and olympian know baseball? She’s more than qualified.

This isn’t just a gimmic for ratings, it wasn’t even hyped up. Listening to her and Dallas Braden beats the nails on a chalkboard that is listening to Doug Glanville during a game. Get it Jessica, I’m a big fan. Congrats, woman!