Japanese Pro Baseball Team with Weirdest Ceremonial First Pitch of All Time


Japanese baseball is weird.

Deadspin – But we know that. You can spot a Japanese baseball swing or pitching motion from 10 miles away. They seem to do a lot of things differently, which sometimes pays off if you’re talking about their dominance in the Little League World Series. But they just took it to a whole new level of weird.
Japanese first pitch

Japanese first pitch


Nippon Professional Baseball successfully (i think) pulled off the creepiest ceremonial first pitch (or at bat) you’ll ever see. This was a first pitch between¬†Sadako from The Ring and Kayako from The Grudge.¬†Apparently this is a promotion for some new movie coming out that pits two of the creepiest movie characters of all time against each other. You can bet your ass you’ll never see this movie come across my Netflix account.