Why Japan Dominates Little League World Series LLWS


Okay so before the Little League World Series you may recall I wrote a little something about the kids not being legitimate 12 year old talent. Well, my views didn’t change one bit.

After watching this year it made me question who the hell watches this LLWS stuff and thinks “oh yeah, 5-10 home runs a game is perfectly normal”. The dimensions are supposed to be fit to a “Major League experience” and it’s far from it. Fundamentals of the game are far off with most teams and Japan is the only team I’ve watched and thought the kids were decent ball players.

Aside from the fact that Japan gave up 10 in the first inning of the LLWS Championship, watching their defense was enlightening. One thing Japan hasn’t adapted over in their country yet is the process us here at Baseball Fam refer to as pussification. The coaches are often criticized because of the amount of practice these kids have each week, which include 2 weekday practices which are 2-3 hours long, and Saturday-Sunday practices which are 8-10 hours long. Having your kids work their absolute asses off is criticized here in the US because everyone thinks they deserve something for doing nothing. The parents complain about a 2 hour practice because 250 lb. Little Johnny hasn’t had his daily McDonald’s dinner box yet.

I can tell you that personally at 12/13 years old, I wanted nothing more than to be playing baseball in any way, shape or form. If you’re children are blessed enough to have a coach willing to put in 20-25 hours in of practice a week with their players so they can become successful you better accept that blessing. If the kid has a problem with being involved in the game 20-25 hours a week, save your money. The passion for the game is something that can’t be taught, and if they’d rather be playing Call Of Duty well then hell, buy ’em an Xbox and call it a day.

The moral of the story is that Japan puts in the work on a weekly basis that creates champions. Those kids are steps above the other teams in the LLWS when it comes to an all-around fundamentally sound team (maybe they could work on pitching a little….).

To the Japanese parents, thank you for not following our examples and pussifying your children.