I Have Finally Found Out How James Shields Got His “Big Game James” Nickname

James Shields

First off, I feel for James Shields. The dude is struggling and you can tell that he’s frustrated on the mound. I hope he finds some way to fix himself because I hate seeing this happen to anybody. (Unless it’s a Royal or a Yankee). I know most of you will scream about how he earns so much money so I shouldn’t feel bad for him, and you all need to shut it with that one. I don’t care how much money you make, struggling like Shields has struggled isn’t fun. It’s not his fault San Diego overpaid for him. But I digress. Shields gives up so many home runs it’s honestly kind of impressive. I mean Bartolo Colon took him deep. I think that’s more impressive on James Shields’ part than it is on Bartolo’s.

I’ve been wondering for years where the “Big Game James” nickname came from. He has a career 5.46 ERA in the postseason. He did have one start in the 2008 World Series for the Rays, which he won, becoming the first and only Rays pitcher to win a World Series game. It doesn’t seem like Shields has earned the “Big Game James” nickname, so I looked into and I’ve finally found the answer.

Shields actually got this nickname from his high school teammates, and it has followed him throughout his professional career. The real “Big Game James” is James Worthy, longtime Los Angeles Laker. I’m not a big basketball fan at all, but I’m sure Worthy is actually worthy (sorry, I had to) of the nickname. James Shields obviously is not, but at least I have finally discovered why anybody ever called him “Big Game James”. You’re welcome.