Jake Arrieta Gets Beaned, Benches Clear in Pittsburgh


What’s better than win or go home playoff baseball? Bench clearing brawls during win or go home playoff baseball. In the top of the 7th inning, benches cleared in Pittsburgh after Jake Arrieta gets beaned in the hip during his at bat.

Definitely a sign of frustration from the Pirates who went into desperation mode after going down 4 runs with the best pitcher in baseball on the hill. Also a little frustrated maybe that Arrieta beaned two of their batters already, including this one up and in to Cervelli.


All of those frustrations considered, I guess they decided to give it right back to Arrieta.


If you ask me, intentionally beaning Jake Arrieta is a bit out of line. I understand you’re frustrated, but don’t go beaning the best pitcher in baseball who looks like he’s going to lead his team deep into the playoffs well after you go home. Although he did plant it right in the ass cheek, so I guess I’m not THAT mad at it, but still.

That’s about when all hell broke loose.


But that wasn’t my favorite part of the brawl. That award goes to Sean Rodriguez who straight up WHOPPED this cooler’s ass. I guess he was mad his punch didn’t land on Arrieta? Look at the way he stares down the cooler after he knocks it off the bench, as if he was like “yea what’s up you wan’t some more?” #psycho