Is it Really the End for David Ortiz?

He claims this is the end of the road, but his performance shows otherwise.

David Ortiz

This past offseason, David Ortiz announced his retirement following the 2016 season. This came as a surprise to many Red Sox fans and fans of the game around the world, due to the success he has experienced in his 20 year career. Although his age is a staggering 40 years old, his performance is telling another tale.

Seed SackThe guy is hitting .319 this season with 7 home runs in the Red Sox’s 28 games, not all of which he has played in. These numbers remarkable for a 25 year old, let alone a man of Papi’s age. His month of April has been arguably one of his best starts of his entire career. He’s on track for 133 RBI’s this season, a number he hasn’t hit since 2005 and 2006, when he hit 148 and 137, respectively.

Although he says this season will be his last, can fans hold onto a sliver of hope that he might be back next season? In my mind, this hope is completely reasonable, and I would not be surprised at all if we see the Large Father stepping up to the plate in the 2017 season.

This short farewell tour has been nothing ordinary so far, as David Ortiz has received gifts like an old timer, but then stepped up to the plate and hit bombs like he’s in his prime.

This season is something we’ve never seen before in recent memory. A player in his last season is not supposed to be performing at this level, plain and simple. It is typical to see a legend like Ortiz try to stretch out their last season, and their play usually follows. This is just not the case with Papi, in fact, he’s playing out of his mind.

He obviously can still pimp a few homeruns when he wants to.

When asked he has said he is sure this is his last season, however he has given some fans a glimpse of a future in the game, sparking some hope in all of our hearts. As seen in with his dispute with umpire Ron Kulpa, the passion and competitiveness in Ortiz still burns bright. For fans around the league, I recommend not counting Ortiz out just yet.