Indians Players Tend to Injured Fan in Atlanta

Indians Players Assist Injured in Atlanta

A cool story came out yesterday about a scary moment that happened during batting practice in Atlanta before the Indians & Braves game.

A kid named Matt Rowland was in the right field seats when he saw the event happen. He sent an email describing the situation to the Indians:

“There was a young kid, maybe 13-14yrs old in the outfield trying to catch home run balls during the Indians BP. One came his way and he attempted to catch it but missed it. I’m not 100% positive on what the direct cause was but he either 1) was hit by the baseball in the head/neck area or 2) hit his neck/head on the railing making the attempt. Temperature and sun may have also played a role.

About 10 minutes passed by and I don’t think anyone thought anything of it. Next thing I know Tom (Gorzelanny), Joba (Chamberelain), and one other pitcher are on the field motioning for the medical staff that was situated above as the kid basically dropped. The players ran into the Braves bullpen and (Gorzelanny) immediately hopped into the stands to assist. Joba and the other pitcher are handing over cups of water and soaking towels in the water jugs for them while (Dan) Otero and (utility man) Michael Martinez were looking on from the field.”

One of the EMS personnel present at the time sent this message to the Indians on Facebook confirming the story:

“I work at Turner Field in Atlanta, Ga. I’m part of the EMS crew and I just wanted to thank the players who helped me with the two boys on June 27 during batting practice by giving them cold towels and cups of water. I personally appreciate it and the concern that they had. I didn’t know how else to thank them.”

See, pitchers are good at some things…

This story was originally published on TribeVibe.