Indians Players React to Mike Aviles Daughter Being Cancer Free

Mike Aviles Daughter

Early last season it was made known that Mike Aviles’s daughter Adrianna was battling Cancer. The Cleveland Indians had Adrianna throw out the first pitch with her family before a Tribe game last season. This offseason the Tigers acquired Aviles. When he arrived to Spring Training he announced that his daughter had a bone marrow transplant and is now cancer free.’s Indians reporter Jordan Bastian was at Tribe spring camp in Goodyear, AZ and asked Mike Aviles’s former teammates to comment on the news that Adrianna is cancer free.

Yan Gomes: “Our families got to hang out a lot. Whenever they had to go take Adriana to do her chemo, we kept Maya, who’s her twin. It was just amazing to see. We understood that she was sick, obviously, but whenever she came around, they were still just so happy, just being kids. I’m sure Adrianna was aware of what she was going through, that she was sick, but they were just so happy. They always have huge smiles on their faces. That was one of the biggest things to take out of it. Throughout the tough times for them, cancer and everything, they still kept a smile on their faces. I think that plays a huge part in having hope and faith.”

Cody Allen: “It’s awesome. My hat’s off to Mike, because he handled it better than anybody ever could’ve expected. I can’t imagine what he was going through with this family and still be at the ballpark and perform the way he did, and being the teammate he is. And then when we all heard that she was cancer free, and her levels were good enough to do the transplant, that they had found a match and the marrow took, we were all just really really relieved and extremely happy for Mike and his family.”

Michael Brantley: “It’s awesome. It’s a blessing. Not only as a teammate, but as a friend. When you spend so much time together, it becomes a family. To hear that news, and obviously I was keeping up with him this offseason and I knew everything was going well, but it’s a great day and a great time to hear that.”

Corey Kluber: “I was aware of that. Obviously, I’m ecstatic to hear that. I don’t know if even, really, happy is the word to describe it. With everything you saw them go through as a family last year, to know that hopefully that’s in the past and behind them, it’s got to be a huge weight off their shoulders.

“There were numerous [moments that stand out] throughout the year, whether it be the wives helping out or us talking to Mike and trying to be there for him. It really did show how close knit the group is and that it really hit everybody and affected everybody. I think it was one of those things that, probably in an unfortunate way, helped pull everybody closer together.”

Last season the Indians team, all the way up to ownership shaved their heads in support of Adrianna and the Aviles family.