Indians’ Fireworks Guy Sets off Fireworks for Royals Homer

The most Cleveland thing ever


In Tuesday night’s game featuring the Cleveland Indians hosting the Kansas City Royals we witnessed one of the most embarrassing moments in MLB employee history. Alex Rios ripped a 5th inning solo shot to left. Nothing new there. As an Indians fan, I’m used to seeing Royals trotting the bases at Progressive Field. What I’m not used to, is hearing the fireworks go off for an opposing team’s dinger.

Sure enough, in the most Cleveland event ever, the fireworks guy did the unthinkable and let the fireworks go. Oh the outrage…

You’ve gotta feel for this guy. He’s been all over baseball news and the camera even spots his little corner in the outfield and spotlights the regretful moment.

What are you doing even near the fireworks button while the opposing team is batting?