Indians Fan Runs on Field, Scales the Wall, and Escapes


During their game Wednesday night at Progressive Field, an Indians fan ran on the field, scaled the wall, and escaped freely.

We don’t so much see streakers anymore. Maybe because they know their weiners will end up online forever? But that doesn’t stop the occasional fan from trying to get their minute of fame on the field. An Indians fan at Progressive Field in Cleveland might have pulled off a victory tonight. The Indians played the night of the Cavs championship parade where 1.3 million people showed up downtown to party. Safe to say team spirit and confidence levels were at an all time high.

Super impressed by his ability to scale the wall like that. That’s not a move that just anybody can pull off. I imagine that takes a ton of athleticism, bounce, and likely adrenaline. We know he has at least two of the three. No official word on if he was caught or not, but multiple people on Twitter say he got away and was never sen again. A Cavs championship parade, and Indians winner to finish undefeated at home in June, and running on the field escaping freely…what a day for that guy.

I also find it hilarious how the camera crews are instructed to not show any part of a fan running on the field, so to not give them any attention encouraging others to do the same. I assume the TV and radio guys calling the game are supposed to do the same thing, but the Indians guys couldn’t help but have a laugh with the rest of us, and seemed to even be offering their commentary on the race.