Indians Abraham Almonte Suspended 80 Games

Abraham Almonte Suspended

MLB just got their latest victim to the new PED policy, as Cleveland Indians’ Abraham Almonte suspended 80 games for a positive PED test during Spring Training in Goodyear, AZ.

“It’s hard, because you have to go in front of all the guys that are always pushing for you and helping you,” Almonte said. “To me, the team is like a family. A big part of the game, or a small part of the game, I’m part of the team. The part that I see is that they have a missing part right now, and it might hurt the team. I hope not.”

“My responsibility now is to work as hard as I can to get ready and help my team whenever they need me back.”

“Right now, I still don’t know when it really happened…right now, I’m just trying to think and figure out what it is. For now, I don’t really have any idea where it came from.”

“As a grown man, I’m taking all the responsibility for whatever was found in my body,” Almonte said. “I’m 100 percent responsible for whatever was there. I hope this distraction doesn’t hurt the team, and one of the most important things right now for me is that the team keeps doing what they’re supposed to do. That’s win, and not be distracted. I’ll keep working hard to come back after 80 games and help my team to win.”

(quotes via Jordan Bastian)

I never really understood these athletes’ defense of I don’t know how it got in my system. Is that the go-to way of pleading “no contest” to a crime in sports?