How Hunter Pence Became “Buster Posey’s Good Friend”

Buster Posey's good friend hunter pence

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the memes floating around twitter referring to Hunter Pence as “Buster Posey’s good friend.” I didn’t really know where it came from, I thought Hunter Pence was just being…Hunter Pence. He even went as far as changing his twitter bio.

Did you know how this actually started? The Giants veteran TV broadcaster Jon Miller started it all with his slick cover up of a mishap on the air during a Hunter Pence home run last week.

Yes, Pence went yard and Jon Miller had started to call it a Buster Posey home run. Gotta give him credit he was pretty smooth in the transition to “Buster Posey’s good friend.”

That’s how it all started, but it didn’t stop there.

Oh look, another home run for Buster Posey’s good friend Hunter Pence. This one was obviously premeditated, but I don’t hate it. I kinda hope this becomes a thing. I wonder how many home runs this year Jon Miller will call this way. It certainly became a hit all over social media. Even Buster Posey got in on some of the fun, embracing his new good friend with this instagram post on Pence’s birthday.

Buster Posey's good friend Hunter Pence