How to Play Baseball Pong


I started getting Snapchats the other day from some boys playing this weird looking version of “baseball pong”. I was intrigued. So I asked them to send in some pictures and some rules on how to play this magical game. Here ya go. Shout out to PCT Baseball for the info.

PCT Baseball offseason baseball pong.


The game is scored with 9 innings just as a normal baseball game with two teams.

-Batter gets 3 strikes to make it in one of the levels of cups (single, double, or triple). The home run cup is up on the wall. 3 misses is a strike out.
-Ball cannot bounce more than one time off of a cup or wall
-If you hit a single, double or triple you have to go to one of the cups on the side assigned for your base. You can steal or pickoff a runner by playing flip cup.
-Drink for every run scored by the opposite team
-If the game ends in a walk off you chug a cold one and bat flip the can accordingly.

You’ll probably have to figure out the rest yourself.

From yours truly in Williamsport,
PCT Wildcats 2015 NEAC Champs