How to Draft Winning Lineup on Draftkings


Daily Fantasy Baseball is the new jazz. Season long is out – daily is in. Too many variables over the course of an MLB season to draft a team in March and play for a whole season. Who has time to check their lineup every day? Get a life (jk). Why not play when you want, any day, with a fresh new team. If you want to see real skill, pick a lineup each day and put it against thousands of others. Oh and put your money where you mouth is. It’s not gambling, it’s statistical analysis and skill, so we’re fine. You should see how much more fun it is to watch baseball at night when you’ve got players from every game in your lineup with some cash on the line.

But just like baseball, fantasy baseball isn’t fun. Winning fantasy baseball is fun! So how do you win? Let’s help you understand how to draft a winning lineup on DraftKings. Time to get your egos in check for a second. Winning in DFS isn’t about knowing the most about baseball or players. It’s about one thing; numbers. Looking at all the Draftkings Pros, you’ll find accountants, financial analysts, stock traders, etc. IF you really want to win, you almost need to put your baseball knowledge aside. Name bias, favoring popular names in baseball when drafting, will kill you. Forget everything you know about baseball, and look at the numbers. And by numbers I don’t mean ERA and BA. These stats are basically irrelevant nowadays when trying to determine effectiveness of a player. Maybe not so much BA, but definitely ERA. If you’re looking to predict a pitcher’s future performance, look at numbers like Fielding Independent Pitching FIP, Swinging Strike Rate SS%, and some opponent Weighted On Base Average wOBA. Hitters? Look towards their wOBA against the handedness of pitcher that day. Obviously this is just a tiny start, but I wanted to throw up something like this to explain where our daily predictions are derived from. If you want to win, tune into each day when our Draftkings studs post their recommendations. After reading this article, maybe you can trust us when we recommend playing David Murphy for $2,200 and tell you not to play Max Scherzer for $14,000. Let’s help you draft a lineup to win on DraftKings

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make a DraftKings account

  2. Check every week day

  3. Cash $