How I Came to Like Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez

For my entire baseball life, I have despised Alex Rodriguez. That was a constant, and it always made sense. I was jubilant when he was busted for steroids 2009, and even happier when his name cropped up in regards to steroid controversy in 2013. This video was, and actually still is, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. 


However, in the months leading up to this past season, I found myself absorbing as much Alex Rodriguez news as I could. I was intrigued by the entire situation, and as Boston Red Sox fan I was amused at the predicament the Yankees seemingly were in. I then read an ESPN The Magazine story by J.R. Moehringer on A-Rod and his year suspended from baseball, and everything he learned about the game and himself.

By the time I was finished with the article, I was actually feeling sorry for the guy. It made absolutely no sense. Alex Rodriguez was painted to be such a genuine person in the story. For years, I ridiculed the guy for cheating and doing stupid shit like slapping the ball out of Bronson Arroyo’s glove. And now, I was rooting for him to make a comeback and shock the baseball community, some of which thought that he may not even win a starting job out of spring training.

I think Alex Rodriguez making a strong comeback in 2015 was good for baseball. Alex Rodriguez has an opportunity to right his wrongs, which is something someone like Barry Bonds never really got to do. And so far, A-Rod is winning people over. I thought he was a great personality during his playoff coverage, and I thought it was really cool every time he gave a little kid his batting gloves. Maybe it’s all a huge PR move and I’m just a sucker for sappy baseball stories, but I actually kind of like Alex Rodriguez and what he’s doing. What is going on?