Houston We Have A Problem

The Astros are currently sitting in last place in the AL West, is this something worth worrying about?

Houston Astros

This year, the Astros seem to be struggling. They are having a tough time finding ways to squeeze out wins. Their starting pitching is sub par, which is a hard hit to the head because of how good their pitching was last year.

As we all know, the Astros ace Dallas Keuchel won the NL Cy Young after finishing the regular season going 20-8. Even though Dallas was pitching extremely well, he had a great defense behind him. Besides Dallas, the Astros pitching rotation was overall pretty successful, Collin McHugh finished off a great season going 19-7.

Last year, the Astros finished second in the AL West, going 86-76. They were really attacking pitchers while at the plate and were having fun doing it.

Seed SackNow, fast forward to this season, the Astros are sitting in last place in the AL West, with a fairly bad and sluggish record. This comes as a real surprise to me. After last season, I really thought that the Astros were going to go balls to the wall at the beginning of the season.

However, I still believe the Astros have some extreme potential this year. They have a real powerhouse lineup. They have guys like Colby Rasmus, Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa who can literally rip a baseball in half. They also picked up Tyler White, 25 year old rookie who is adapting to the MLB at a ferocious pace.

These guys are capable of winning, and that’s for sure. I can’t imagine that the Astros will continue to lose this many games.

Once the teams confidence starts to rise again, and starting pitching eases back to where it should be, the Astros will win plenty of games.

On that note, Houston fans should be excited for what’s to come this year, and in years that follow. But pitchers beware, Colby Rasmus and that Astros offensive galore is coming for you.