Home Plate Collisions – Make Baseball Great Again

Buster Posey home plate collision
AP/Huffington Post

by Josele Diaz

The MLB is boring. This is coming from a die-hard baseball fan and somebody who hasl oved the game for literally all his life. The strategy and all the incredibly detailed analytics that go into a single game is such a treat for the baseball fans. All that being said, realistically, the average MLB game (around three hours) is generally pretty boring to the casual fan.

You know why the NFL is king? Because the viewer is generally tuned in cause of the hits they get to see every Sunday. You know what the most exciting part of hockey is to the casual fan? The toe-to-toe fights between two guys with 19 teeth combined.

MLB die-hards and casual fans alike can generally both agree that a play at the plate is incredibly exciting and it is incredibly important to the momentum of both teams that can ultimately help decide a game. Why is there no more of that excitement? Well according to this writer’s opinion, it’s the talking heads of MLB headquarters overreaction to one of the MLB’s poster children and his poor positioning at the plate. Buster Posey is a great player and one of the best pure baseball talents that the MLB has ever seen. It makes complete sense as to why the MLB brass would want to keep such a family-friendly, merchandise selling face on the field as much as possible. Again, do not confuse my disdain for the Buster Posey rule for Buster Posey, he is a great player and probably an even greater person. As it has been said before, baseball is a game of inches. The quarter inch between hitting the ball solidly for a home run trot around the bases and hitting a sac-fly ball to the right fielder only to have the cannon in right field throw the ball to the catcher and have the catcher do his job and block the runner from trying to touch home plate…only to have the play go under review and the runner be awarded home plate because the catcher was doing his job?

Wait a second.I’m not advocating for the unfair and gross targeting that goes with headhunting, that is despicable and there is no place for that in the game. Plays at that plate are part of the game. Coming from a place of love for baseball, the MLB needs to do whatever they have to do that helped harbor actual rivalries and do more stuff that the fans love. The fans are the ones paying everyone’s salaries. The die-hard baseball fans are going to watch the games no matter what. Unfortunately, there are a lot more casual fans than die-hards. MLB is losing the casual fans and quite frankly, the future of the MLB we all know and love is going with them.