High School Home Plate Collision


On Friday night somewhere in Texas, this high school catcher got destroyed during this home plate collision with a runner tagging home.

It’s 5A high school baseball down in Texas. Lubbock-Cooper vs Plainview. This Plainview runner tagged from third attempting to score on a SAC fly to right, and you can guess how this one ends…with a booming home plate collision.

This video went nuts on Twitter and especially Facebook. Just days later it’s got 200,000 views, 2,000+ shares, and 400 comments. Comments ranged from “I’m a hard ass I love collisions,” to “I would’ve fought that kid.”

I’m not really sure of the Texas high school baseball rules, but I’m pretty sure collisions like this have been outlawed for a decently long while now. There are two problems in this play in my opinion. #1 you don’t stand in the baseline or blocking the plate without the ball. You’re asking for trouble there. #2 as a runner you’ve got many options here, one of them being take an outside line around the catcher. Collisions like this are what end careers.