Why I Hate Babe Ruth (And Why You Should Too)

How the Babe became the worst person ever.


“if i’d just went for them dinky singles, i could have batted around .600”

There’s always a few stereotypical people when you go to a party. You’ve got the guy that’s too drunk, the sober guy in the corner, the chick that’s always dancing, and then you have the loud mouth that got the cops called because he wouldn’t shut his mouth. The guy that wouldn’t shut his mouth is definitely Babe Ruth. During his “reign” he would have been “that guy” at the party. I hate that type of person and that is why I hate Babe Ruth. That’s a main reason but there are many other reasons why, too; he was a womanizer and never opened fan mail.

Babe Ruth was the “king of swing.”

Many people absolutely love Babe Ruth. I can relate to that too because before I read a couple biographies about him, I thought he was the man. I mean, he did hit over 700 dingers. He gets mad respect for that. But, he wasn’t even that good. He didn’t play with the best of the best like the current players do. Ruth played in the pre-expansion and the pre-integration era. That means that he didn’t even play against the best competition of his time. He played in a league that was whites only and had around 10 teams. Not to mention that the average fastball during the 1920’s was low 80’s. Any college player could hang back then.

Is that Ruth’s fault? Not at all. It’s not his fault that he played when baseball was still in its early stages. But, it is his fault for being how he was. He was a womanizer. According to Robert Weintraub who wrote “The House that Ruth Built,” Ruth did not have the “patience” to court a woman. Instead, he would buy a prostitute for the night. Babe Ruth’s womanizing also strained his relationship with Lou Gehrig. Gehrig’s wife, Eleanor, knew Ruth as a ”friend” before she met Gehrig, while Ruth was not one to have many platonic relationships. With today’s use of social media and how quickly the news spreads, Babe Ruth would be thrown out of almost any clubhouse for the way he acted; he would have caused too much strife among players.

Ruth womanized because he was egotistical. He thought of himself as the best around and, according to Weintraub, the Babe never opened fan mail. He probably felt that he was above responding to his fans. His fans were the ones that gave him the nicknames and made him the way he was. They gave him his clout because everyone admired him. Back then, outlaws were worshiped. The public was enamored with John Dillinger and Al Capone, so, naturally, they loved the big, fat man that drank beer and hit titty shots all day.

George Herman Ruth registered for the WWI draft but was never selected. Photo courtesy of Deadspin.com

While he would be the scum of the earth, there was a pleasant side to him. According to the National Catholic Reporter, he was one for charity and loved to support the military. During WWII, he would visit military hospitals; he supported our nation’s veterans during a time of need. When veterans needed someone the most, the most recognizable person in the world at the time came to the rescue.

Though he did a ton of charity, Babe Ruth was a scumbag. Not many people know it, but he was. He took advantage of women, never opened his fan mail, and wasn’t even that good. But, he supported the military to the fullest extent and I cannot knock that. Everyone makes him out to be a god, but in fact, I could probably hit .370 when facing an 82 mile per hour fastball. The fact of the matter is that the Babe wasn’t good and would probably be the worst person you’d ever meet. So stop worshiping him.


If you’d like to check out that biography I mentioned, you can find it here on Amazon.