Do Guys Who Hit Home Runs Have Better Names?


There is no test to prove that guys who hit home runs have better names. I think everyone knows that. But when you swing your bat as hard as possible like Vladimir Guerrero did for 15+ years, your name starts to stick. Some might even say that after a while, their name starts to have a ring to it. Lets take a look at some of the most prolific hitters and see how they sound.

Barry Bonds- Obviously when you’re the most infamous player ever in the history of the game, your name gets thrown around a little bit, but as of right now, he is the home run king… Lets see how long that lasts. His name does have a ring to it and I think most people would say the same. Now let us look at someone who isn’t as famous but still hit their fair share of tatter missiles.

Andre Dawson- He comes in at number 43 on the all time home run list and may not be a household name, but his name still rolls off the tongue. Say it a couple of times. Pretty smooth huh? Maybe there is some truth to this myth.

Mel Ott- I’m starting to become a believer. Mel Ott is apart of the 500 club, which is one of the most exclusive clubs in baseball and guess what, his name sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Last but not least and my personal favorite,

Ted Williams- The last man to hit .400, left the game of baseball to defend his country, came back and went right back to hitting dingers. It isn’t flashy but it does sound pretty sweet. I think I’ll name my kid after him.

Lets not forget the guys who have sweet names but do not have the monster masher label. This is just because he’s got the best name in baseball.

Gookie Dawkins- He was in and out of the bigs for 5 years and never hit a homerun but I gotta give it to the guy, his name is pretty bad ass.