Alright boys, here’s your complete guide with 8 tips to dating a girl who knows baseball

    1. When talking baseball with her, do not accuse her of Googling things. Be impressed she actually can talk about sabermetrics or the next big prospect. If you happen to accuse her of Googling, you’re never allowed to ask her for fantasy advice – don’t even try.
    2. When she tells you her favorite team, don’t assume it is because of an ex-boyfriend or because she is a bandwagoner. Chances are, the last thing she wants to do is agree on something with her ex.
    3. Do not assume her favorite player is the poster boy of her team. She doesn’t base her opinion off looks, she bases it off his WAR. If she is a true fan, she can give you valid reasons for whomever she likes. Give her a chance and hear her out!

  1. When buying her gear, do not buy her a bedazzled tank top with the matching sequin hat. Get her a legit shirsey/jersey. You know she won’t be taken seriously in anything else.
  2. She is not a cleat chaser! Just because she likes and knows baseball, it doesn’t mean she wants to sleep with everyone on the team.
  3. At the ballpark don’t buy her a little fruity drink; she wants a beer just like you!
  4. When first meeting her, don’t think she is faking it just to try and impress you! She just really likes having someone to talk baseball with.
  5. You will be Wendy Peffercorn and Squints for Halloween, so hang on to those black frame glasses.

Boys, get yourself a girl who knows baseball. It’ll make the summers much more bearable, and you’ll never get yelled at for not paying attention to her during a game.