Guy Gets Owned for Questioning This Girl’s MLB Fanhood


This screenshot might make you think twice next time you try to question a girls baseball fanhood. It’s a rough world for female diehard MLB fans out there, always being doubted. As if naming the NL East teams in 10 seconds proves your level of baseball fanaticism? I’m not sure if you put me on the spot I’d be able to name all these teams quickly enough to convince this guy I was a fan. She said she loves baseball, not “I’m a baseball almanac.”

Although she did also prove, she may in fact be a baseball almanac as well…

I doubt this guy will be making the same mistake again. Guys, just let her like (or love*) baseball please. Take some notes form this guide to dating a girl who likes baseball. I never really understood the notion that because someone has never played the sport they can’t enjoy it or be knowledgable. I don’t feel the need to point out the ridiculousness of that logic. If you can’t see how that logic makes no sense, then I can’t help you.