Grambling State Baseball Beat Southern So Bad

They didn't even finish the game...

Grambling State Baseball
Courtesy: James Posey -

What a great day it was on college baseball’s opening night last night, February 19th. So much amazing baseball if you were tuned in to SEC Network or ESPN3. We saw a Tulane walk off homer, LSU walk off in a 4 hour game against Cincinnati, and an Arkansas opener with nearly 10,000 in attendance. What most people didn’t see, which might be the highlight (or lowlight) of the night was Grambling State Baseball’s whooping of rival Southern University.

I’m not talking a 10-1 whooping, I’m talking a whooping so bad that Southern apparently refused to finish the game. In NCAA baseball there is no such thing as a “mercy rule” like there is in softball, or some high school baseball. You play a full 9 innings (sometimes 7 on a double header day). But this game didn’t quite go the distance for some reason.

Southern University’s season high for runs given up in a game last year was 14. This year in their opener against rival Grambling State, it took only 5 innings to reach that number. Grambling came out with bats on fire and put up 15 in just 5 innings of baseball.

If you look on the Grambling State Baseball site, as of Saturday morning there still aren’t any live stats or any evidence that a game was even played against Southern last night. I had many people reach out to me late last night to tell me all about this game, and after hearing multiple views, I’m not shocked that there are no results up. Multiple people explained to me that the game was so bad, Southern forfeited the game. Most told me it only went 5 innings, but The New Orleans Advocate published that the game went 7 innings. Something is fishy here because they make no mention of why the game was cut short, but I heard it from people who were at the actual game.

I’ve asked for anyone on the Southern University side to comment on the game and why the game wasn’t complete, and I have yet to hear back from anybody. The fact that the game isn’t published online tells me that the game was likely not finished, which is why the live scoring system didn’t publish it. I would love more info from the Southern side and an explanation of why the game was cut short. All we have right now is an assumption that they got their ass kicked so bad they couldn’t finish.

Southern University Baseball coach Roger Cador told the New Orleans Advocate that the team was down 4 starters, but wouldn’t say why.

“The fact that we were short without four of our key players could have deflated our kids. It happened so quick. We played a lot of young freshmen. And we got here late. But we don’t want to make any excuses.” – Roger Cador

How are you going to say “we don’t want to make any excuses,” after listing multiple excuses? What a way to open the season against your rival.

Again, I spoke with multiple sources from Grambling including players, and have yet to hear back from anyone on the Southern side. You can catch Grambling State Baseball on MLB Network tonight at 7 EST against University of New Orleans. Let’s see if this Grambling team is for real.

Update Saturday 4:50pm ET: I’ve been hearing that the game wasn’t a forfeit, but a 7 inning mercy rule result. I’ve personally never heard of a mercy rule in college baseball, but I’ll be kind enough to make sure both sides are mentioned in this article.