Goose Gossage Lost His Mind

goose gossage

The old, crusty, tighty-whitey baseball fan who screams about “respecting the game” is a funny running gag among younger baseball fans. Goose Gossage came out today and personified the old crusty man perfectly. Goose gave a expletive-laden interview to ESPN  today, claiming players like Jose Bautista and Yoenis Cespedes are ruining the game of baseball. Gossage was quoted as saying “Bautista is a fucking disgrace to the game”, which is likely in direct response to Bautista’s massive bat flip in Game 3 of the ALDS last October.
In Gossage’s mind, Bautista should have mashed the tater and trotted around the bases like a gentleman, shaking hands with Donaldson as he crossed the plate. I’m sorry Goose, but you’re wrong. The game has changed dramatically in recent years, and player’s flair is one of the most exciting aspects of the game.

Later on in the day, Gossage talked with The Michael Kay Show on ESPN New York, saying he’d rather the game “go to hell” than continue to evolve the way it has been. So Goose, you would rather baseball die out completely rather than change from the way it used to be when you played? That sounds extremely immature, and if you want to stop watching baseball like you said on The Michael Kay Show, then go ahead. Watch reruns of games from the 70’s if that’s really what you want to do. No offense Goose, you were an incredible pitcher in your time, but your time is over and the things you hate about the game are some of the most exciting things the game has going for itself. Players like Bautista, Cespedes and Bryce Harper are running the league now, and are going to continue to bat flip and add their own personal flair to the game. The game desperately needs more exciting and less people like Goose Gossage and Sam Dyson whining about getting shown up. Don’t give up a yack if you can’t handle getting pimped on.