The girl with the viral rocket arm is a University of Maine softball player Alyssa Derrick

Alyssa Derrick Softball Football

You’ve all seen the now viral video of the girl in the street launching a football what seems to be like 50 yards. Her name is Alyssa Derrick, and that rocket arm suits up for University of Maine softball in the spring.

Alyssa Derrick stands 6’3 and this past spring hit .308 with 15 homers and 37 RBIs. So not only does she have a rocket arm, but she drops dong at the plate too. I want absolutely no part of this girl at the plate.

Couple things to note here.

First, she’s a Baseball Fam Twitter follower (hey girl). Second, OF COURSE she plays softball. Third, it’s been a really really bad week for the “throw like a girl” saying. I was at Progressive Field in Cleveland this weekend and decided to take on the radar gun. For some context, I’m 25 years old, pitched in college, and am the proud owner of a torn labrum that ended my career. Yes, it was a really bad idea.

After I was done sending 66 mph into the tarp, a girl came up behind me, probably 5’10, to give it a shot. I wasn’t paying much attention until I was walking away and I thought I heard a bomb go off in the stadium. Wasn’t a bomb, just the baseball that left this girls hand and exploded into the tarp. I walked over and saw 71 on the gun. Turns out she plays softball at Kent State. Those yellow balls they play with must be pretty heavy and tough to throw, because Alyssa Derrick makes the second girl I’ve seen this week.


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