Getting Recruited: How to Make a Kick Ass Recruiting Video


I’ve been through the recruiting process twice, since I went JuCo. Getting recruited is probably the biggest pain in the ass ever; you have to find a school you like but also a school where a coach likes you and wants you. It’s tough. Though I finally found the school I love, it took a while for a coach to take a chance on me. One of the biggest things that helped me find good school to play ball at was the video I made and sent out to schools. Everyone has had one made and it only helps send your image out to schools that can’t make it out to see you play live.

I’m here to help you put together that recruiting video that will make a coach love you because that’s what you have to do; sell your image. So here’s five tips to creating a kick ass recruiting video.


  1. Put it on Youtube.

This is extremely easy; start an account with a professional name and email. Then, once you upload the video, copy and paste the link into the email that you’re sending off to your college coach. Simple as that because a lot of people will see it and the coach won’t get pissed off because he has to update his computer just to watch the damn thing.

  1. Keep it short.
    You’re going to want to keep the video short and to the point. The coach isn’t watching your video to get your life’s story so keep it between 2-4 minutes. This will ensure that the coach you send it to will watch it all the way through and see you as much as possible. I kept mine within 2 minutes; it was just pure swings and a lot of shots of me receiving and throwing.
  2. Don’t put Bio in it.

Trust me, just don’t. Put all the information in the “description” section of the video. Put your height and weight, where you got to school, and the year you will graduate. Furthermore, put your email and phone number (if you want) in it to ensure that any coach that watches your video can contact you immediately. The coach wants to see you play so keep the video strictly for reps.

4. Have smooth transitions.
This is the one thing I regretted not doing. I had one shot of me swinging, and then the very next shot was of me catching. It didn’t really make sense so try to add in a transition shot that establishes what you’re doing in the upcoming section.

5. No music.

For the love of God, please don’t put music in it. It makes you look like a douche and it makes you look extremely flashy. Just stick to the sounds coming from the video. Sometimes, coaches like hearing the sound off of the bat to see how hard you hit it or if you squared it up. I’ve seen so many videos that have music synced up to when the person hits and when the person plays defense. Just don’t. Please.

There you go, the top five tips for making a kick ass recruiting video.  I hope it works out for all of you. Go Trolls.