Gerrit Cole Went Nuts at Penguins Game

Gerrit Cole Penguins Game

Pittsburgh CBS Local – As much as I hate to say it, being from Cleveland, Pittsburgh has got to be one of the best sports towns in America. Despite no NBA team, Pittsburgh goes hard for its other 3 major sports. You could argue that the Penguins are the most popular team in the city right now. Amidst their current playoff run, Pirates Gerrit Cole attended last nights game and fit right in.

Cole had a front row seat up against the glass right next to the Capitals bench for last night’s playoff OT win over the Capitals. He went so hard in Pittsburgh sports fan fashion that he had to be told to calm down by somebody important. Apparently he was “chirping” the Capitals bench too hard, as hockey fans like to put it.

Seed Sack

What a guy he is. Pittsburgh fans are like any other, in that everyone’s riding the Cole train when he looks like the ace version of Gerrit Cole, and ride him even harder when he’s not looking so ace-like. But nothing cements a player into the hearts of sports fans like showing up at one of the city’s other professional sports teams’ games and fitting right in like this.