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Many young baseball players dream of one day playing college baseball. The harsh reality is roughly 28% of high school freshman baseball players make it to their senior year. Of those seniors left, only about 6% go on to play at an NCAA member institution. I don’t say that to crush your dreams, but it is important to understand that just because you play baseball does not mean you are guaranteed to play at the next level. If your dream is to play college baseball, it is important to have instructors and trainers who can help you get there.

Every parent wants to see their child succeed and achieve their dreams but most young athletes never get a chance to reach their full potential. I know a lot of high school players who dream of playing college baseball and would do whatever it takes, but just never have the opportunity to maximize their skills and mindset. The truth is that its tough for families to find free time to drive all over town or spend an extra several hundred dollars a month for their son to train properly and play competitive baseball. Future Phenoms Baseball Training is here to change that!

In order for a player to reach their full potential, they must train properly in the weight room and work on their skills outside of team practices. One on one personal training with a good trainer and private lessons with a sold instructor are the best ways to prepare for a season. However, a lot of families cannot afford to pay a trainer for offseason training, pay an instructor for private lessons, and pay to play on a travel ball or showcase team, especially if they have multiple kids playing baseball. Here at Future Phenoms Baseball Training, we want every ambitious baseball player to have the opportunity to be the best they can be by offering individualized workout programs, nutrition plans and online instruction, by top notch coaches and trainers, for a very affordable price.

Strength & Conditioning

Here at Future Phenoms Baseball Training we will put together a workout program for you based on your primary position, goals and past injuries. The reason we focus on primary position is because some positions require more speed while others require more power or arm strength. Each position will have slightly different focuses to make sure the tools you need are sharpened up and ready to go for season.
The second piece of information we build your program off of is your personal goals. Maybe your coach has told you that you need to improve your arm strength or bat speed. Maybe you need to gain some size or cut some weight off to become quicker. Our program will be geared to help you reach those personal goals this offseason!

The last piece of information is an important one. We want to know any past injuries you have had to make sure we incorporate certain movements that will strengthen specific parts of the body or increase range of motion in certain areas, while avoiding certain movements that might do more harm than good.
With these three pieces of information we will create a custom strength and conditioning program just for you! We will start with the muscle endurance/stabilization phase of training to prepare the body for the more intense workouts to come. Then we will progress you through the strength phase and finish with the power phase leading into the season. There will also be an arm care portion of each workout to keep the joint range of motion and strength/stabilization of the rotator cuff and shoulder. Most of the exercises our arm care section will be from Jaeger Sports and their outstanding J-Band arm care program.


Whether your goal is to gain 10lbs of lean muscle or lose unwanted body fat and become quicker this offseason, we are here to help! Here at Future Phenoms Baseball Training, we will make custom nutrition plans geared towards your offseason goals.

As an athlete, it is important to understand nutrients and how they contribute to your performance. There are at least 50 nutrients that can be broken down in to 6 main categories: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. The three main macronutrients people look at most often are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats since they all provide energy to the body.

The nutrition plans will include approximate numbers of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats you need to consume based on your weight, position, and goals to help maximize both your off season training and in season performance. We will also include food lists that will give you ideas for healthy options to reach those daily recommendations. It is time to feed your body what it needs to reach your true potential!

Developing proper mechanics is essential for athletes to reach their full potential and help mitigate injury but a lot of people are unable to take advantage of getting this one-on-one instruction because of time inconveniences or financial reasons. Future Phenoms Baseball Training is here to change that with our online analysis/instruction!

Send us videos of you hitting, pitching, or catching and our experienced instructors will analyze your mechanics. The instructors will then send a video analysis back to show what the athlete does well and what they need to improve on. The most important part of the online instruction will be giving the players drills to correct the problems found in the analysis. It is one thing to know what you need to fix but its a totally different thing to know how to actually fix it.

For more information on our baseball offseason training programs check out www.FPbaseballTraining.com

Our training packages and online instruction will be available mid October. We will have limited spots available so if you want to stay updated please subscribe to our email list on the website.


Future Phenoms Baseball Training is an elite, baseball specific, training website dedicated to inspiring high school athletes and helping them reach their full potential. We are here to find out your primary position, past injuries, and personal goals so we can create a program that will help prepare you for the upcoming season and help you reach your goals!

Individualized Strength and conditioning plans

Direct access to Gabe (Strength & Conditioning Coach Washington Nationals Organization)

Access to training video library

Individuaized performance nutrition plans

Online analysis and instruction

Direct access with instructors

“You can’t always control what happens on the field. All you can control is your effort and how prepared you are. In order to prepare for games and to be able to give your max effort you have to be physically and mentally ready. Preparing your body through proper training allows you to stay on the field and focus your efforts on getting better. Work hard off the field so you can work hard on the field.”

– Gabe Torres CSCS, PES, FMS, Strength & Conditioning Coach Washington Nationals Organization


“Off season training for me is more than just lifting weights. It’s a discipline that allows me to grow both mentally and physically. The baseball season is a grind, the guys at Future Phenoms Baseball Training are here to help prepare you both mentally and physically in order to give yourself the best chance to be successful”

– Daniel Torres, Catcher Bakersfield Blaze (Seattle Mariners Organization)


The importance of receiving quality instruction in high school is essential. I believe Future Phenoms Baseball Training provides an atmosphere that will assist in getting young athletes prepared for the next level.

-Zach Biery, Pitching Coach at Friends University