Fox Sports Adds John Smoltz, Replacing Harold Reynolds & Tom Verducci

Fox Sports MLB

If you believe in the baseball gods, now would be a good time to send up a prayer of gratitude. It seems our prayers have been answered this week as Fox announced they’re replacing Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci with John Smoltz. Smoltz will be the new color analyst for FOX, most importantly during the World Series.

FOX has the rights with MLB to broadcast the World Series every year until 2021. That means we’d have another 6 seasons of listening to Harold Reynolds talk too much. I don’t have as much of a problem with Tom Verducci, but Harold is just NOT an in game color guy. Awesome dude, great in studio, phenomenal player, but none of that adds up to being great in the booth. But it’s all irrelevant because thanks to our prayers being answered, we’ll be hearing the man John Smoltz in the booth from now on.

There’s still one problem however, Joe Buck. To be honest I’d rather listen to two Harold Reynolds than one Joe Buck. But hey, clearly our tweets of disapproval are being heard? I just think baseball viewership is a bit different. People view the Super Bowl and the NBA Finals as casual fans of the game. Many people who don’t watch a single football game all year will tune in to the Super Bowl. Baseball’s World Series viewership is comprised of a higher percentage of die hard baseball lovers. I don’t want to hear Joe Buck pop in once a season and acting like we should listen to his baseball analysis. If he MUST be on air, then keep it to reporting the action of the game, and let my man John Smoltz do the analysis.