Four Tips for Pitching Success


Young Pitchers, High School Pitchers, College Pitchers, All Pitchers; There is a common similarity for all of us. We are in control of the game & the ball is in our hands. We can be creative. We can be dominant. We have the power. Here are a few tips for pitching success:

Don’t Forget To Be Athletic. As we progress into our careers, we come in contact with many different coaches. These coaches have a goal in mind for us & sometimes these goals lead to us becoming what that coach wants to see instead of what we see for ourselves. Sometimes, we become focused so much on our mechanics that we lose athleticism.

Trust YOUR Stuff. We are all different. We can’t all throw 90. We can’t all have a hammer for a breaking ball, and we can’t all have the best feel for a change-up. You know who YOU are & what YOU are capable of. Continue to focus on your strengths while improving your weaknesses. Be yourself!

Intent Is Everything. The definition of intent is purpose. To be able to throw fast, you must throw fast! If your purpose is to throw the baseball faster, then you must practice throwing the baseball faster. Explode more with your body, and create more arm speed. Results are a direct reflection on what we are actually doing to achieve those results.

Body Language. Maybe the most important two words in SPORTS but as well as LIFE. Compose yourself with confidence. Carry yourself with leadership. Allow your positive body language to feed to your teammates, coaches, students, teachers, etc.

Continue Being YOU!

Stu Cohen