Former Yankee Clubhouse Worker Releases Shocking Tell-All Book


Former New York Yankees clubhouse worker Paul Priore just released his tell-all book Abused by the New York Yankees, and the claims made in this book are INSANE. Priore started working in the Yankees clubhouse at a young age working for his dad. Paul mentions how he tried to keep his homosexuality private for as long as possible, but went on to endure hell anyway.

10 secrets revealed in the book


  • Steinbrenner installed hidden cameras in the clubhouse to spy on his players and employees
  • NYPD gambled with employees and players in after-hours poker and blackjack games.
  • Bat boys ages 14 & 15 were sent to place bets on horse races for Joe Torre and Don Zimmer
  • A bat boy linked to a bookie routinely placed wagers on sporting events for players in the clubhouse.
  • Employees had a black market for forged autographs for players who refused to sign baseballs.
  • Players injected themselves with steroids in the clubhouse stalls. Players would provide urine samples for players being tested.
  • Players, married or not, would engage in sexual activity with female employees.
  • Two players were found engaging in sexual activity in the sauna at the end of their first season.
  • Neither players not Steinbrenner payed for food supplied in the clubhouse; Nick Priore payed but was never reimbursed.
  • Steinbrenner condoned his players smoking pot, drinking on flights, before, after, and during games.

In a book review from, it’s mentioned that the two players involved in sexual activity in the sauna…Derek Jeter & Jorge Posada. Cecil Fielder and Darryl Strawberry drank during games.

Priore even says that Bob Wickman, Jeff Nelson and Mariano Rivera tried to sexually assault him with a baseball bat.

Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada would allow Priore to perform oral sex on them in order to keep him quiet.

Now let’s keep in mind, these are all ALLEGED claims made by the author and former Yankees clubhouse employee Paul Priore.

Really tough to believe a lot of the things written in this book, but some not so hard to believe. Drinking, gambling, sex with female employees, yea yea so they were like every other professional sports team in that era. But, the hate crimes and other claims made in this book are eye opening and beyond upsetting if they’re true. I’m sure there will be much backlash as this book gets some publicity, and I’m looking forward to covering it.

Is it possible that these things are true?