Former Auburn Softball player sent complaint of abuse & sexual harrassment


ESPNw – A former Auburn softball player sent a 14-page complaint alleging abusive treatment by the Auburn coaching staff, a pattern of sexual harassment and concerns about administrative cover-up to school officials and Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey a month before the abrupt retirement Wednesday of head coach Clint Myers.

The letter, sent by Milwaukee attorney Martin Greenberg on behalf of former player Alexa Nemeth, came weeks after Nemeth filed a Title IX sexual discrimination complaint with the school claiming “Coach Clint Myers knowingly let his son Corey Myers have relations and pursue relations with multiple members of the team.”

On Wednesday, Auburn head coach Clint Myers retired from a 40 year coaching career, via a statement issued by the school. This comes just months after Myers inked a contract extension with Auburn.

“After 40 years of coaching and reflecting on the importance of spending quality time with my wife, my children, and my grandchildren, I have decided to retire from a sport that I love dearly and which has brought so much joy to me.”

That’s quite the change of heart in a matter of a few months. A 14 page letter from a former player detailing abuse and sexual harassment inside your program will do that to ya, though. Abrupt change seems to run in the family, however. Clint Myers son, Corey, who served as an assistant coach resigned during the 2017 season amid the allegations detailed in the letter as well.

Despite a 205-54-1 record, his final few seasons at Auburn were full of drama. You might remember this year when 3 of his players served suspensions after being busted high as a kite on 4-20.

The 14 page letter released on behalf of former Auburn Tiger Alexa Nemeth states that multiple players brought to the schools attention some texts from Corey Myers, hinting at his alleged inappropriate relations with players on his team. ESPN claims to have spoken privately with multiple current and former players who echoed Nemeth’s claims regarding the culture of the program. According to multiple accounts from players, coming forward with screenshots of texts pointing to inappropriate relations with a player were always met with a defensive attitude from the coaching staff & school officials.

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It must be noted that of course there are some former players not buying the reports.