First Look: Oregon Softball Jane Sanders Stadium

Oregon Softball Jane Sanders Stadium

University of Oregon is known for their “nice things,” particularly the infinite sets of Nike uniforms and equipment. gave us the first look at Oregon Softball’s brand new field at Jane Sanders Stadium, and it’s as nice as you’d imagine an Oregon facility being.

This new stadium was a $17.2 million project that took about 10 months to build. It’s complete with the new field, full clubhouse & locker room, and even their own practice area.

Senior Koral Costa told “I never thought I was going to get a chance to walk into a new stadium during my career,” Costa said. “Now to realize I get to play on this field, it’s unreal. I’m flabbergasted. The showers, the bathrooms, the locker room, it’s all spectacular. We have our own practice area too. It’s all so unbelievable.”

The stadium was built with two large donations from Bob Sanders in the name of his wife, whom he met at the University of Oregon.

“Through the generosity of Mr. Sanders and the Sanders family, the dream of a state-of-the-art softball stadium is now a reality…Jane Sanders Stadium delivers on the vision of an exceptional student-athlete experience and an outstanding fan experience.  Most importantly, the stadium honors the legacy of Mrs. Sanders – a wonderful woman who loved her Ducks.” – Oregon AD Rob Mullens