Fan Ejected for Heckling at Phillies Game

Fan Ejected Phillies Game Bob Davidson

It’s not every day you see a heckler in the crowd with enough skills to get himself ejected form the game. But it happened today in Philadelphia. Umpire Bob Davidson stopped the game between the Giants and Phillies to take care of an annoying fan near the visiting dugout.

A lot of players complain about umpires that have “rabbit ears” and listen to chatter form the dugout too closely. Bob Davidson must have some serious rabbit ears to hear enough of this fan to toss him from the game. Either that, or this fan really was just that annoying.

According to fans on twitter, the fan was incessantly yelling “you suck” form the stands. If “you suck” gets you ejected from a game nowadays, it’s a good thing I usually sit in the right-field section of Progressive Field.