Fairleigh Dickinson & Coppin State’s Record Setting Game

Fairleigh Dickinson Baseball coppin state baseball

In this week’s episode of “why the NCAA needs a run rule,” we have Fairleigh Dickinson University beating Coppin State baseball by a score of 32-25.

Yes, you read that right. I’m honestly not surprised anymore. It seems this year, every week (usually mid-week games) I’m getting tweets about a game with a 20+ run differential. This particular game actually would’ve never ended in a run rule, it was just ridiculously high scoring.

Some days the bats just get hot, but I don’t think the bats alone can ever be responsible for a game totaling 59 combined runs. That right there is just dog shit pitching, but even more so it’s dog shit defense. There were only 6 errors in the game, and 10 unearned runs, but we all know how unearned runs work… If the stat sheet says 10 unearned runs, that means the scorer probably lost count of some, and even if they didn’t, there were probably well over 10 runs that should’ve never scored had the teams not forgotten their gloves at home today.

Nevertheless, this game between Fairleigh Dickinson and Coppin State came close to some major records, and even hit some.

The record for sac flys is rather lame, but 2nd most total RBI’s in a game? Chicks definitely dig ribbies. But I think they deserve a little more credit than 2nd highest scoring game in NCAA history. The BBCOR bats vs the BESR bats should create completely new record books. Years 2005-2013 should be wiped out. Those weren’t bats, those were lethal weapons. I’m fully prepared to give them credit for the highest scoring game in NCAA history. Although I’ll never drop my opinion on that being an absolutely horrible game to watch, and a poor poor excuse for pitching and defense. I’ve always said I think I could float balls over the plate intentionally all game, and I don’t think I’d ever give up that many runs in 7 or 9 innings. Unreal.