Ex Mariners Star Dave Henderson Passes Away at 57

Dave Henderson

Dave “Hendu” Henderson passed away from a massive heart attack early Sunday morning. Henderson had many health issues concerning his kidneys for the past few years and received a kidney transplant a month ago.

Henderson played for fourteen years in the big leagues with the Mariners, Red Sox, Giants, A’s, and Royals. He appeared in 1,538 major league games hitting .258 with 197 homers, and 708 RBI.

Dave Henderson was an old school type of guy.

If you ever heard him in his many years as a Mariner broadcaster, you’d know that in a heartbeat. You name a trope and Hendu was more than likely spreading it for all to hear. When internet and Moneyball eras came into the picture, Henderson stood by his mic, and refused to change his opinions about what was happening to the game itself.

Dave Henderson was a .298/.376/.570 hitter over 36 postseason games, showing that he knew how to come through with his team needed him. Henderson’s two-strike home run in top of the ninth in Game 5 of the 1986 ALCS was one to remember. Leading the game 5-4, and being three to one in the series, Hendu gave Boston their chance. He later delievered the homerun of the century in the 11th inning, which sent the series back to Boston for the Red Sox to win yet another world series. Sadly, they fell to the New York Mets that year.

Hendu was in three straight World Series with the Oakland A’s (1988-90) and later swept the San Fransisco Giants with two home runs in their Game 3 victory.

Dave “Hendu” Henderson will always be remembered by those who watched and those who are following in his footsteps today. Sadly, the smiling giant passed away too soon. You will be missed.