“Evolution” of the Diamondbacks New Uniforms


What is the first thing you do when your team is hard to watch?  “Evolve” the team’s uniforms to distract from the mediocre play. That’s precisely what the Diamondbacks new uniforms are for I’m sure.

Evolution is a term that has been heard a lot recently in Phoenix as the Diamondbacks unveiled their new uniforms Thursday night in front of over a thousand fans.  While the term is referring to the designs on the Diamondbacks new uniforms, it also applies to the way MLB is heading as a whole.

“Engaging kids through participation programs, technology, and other ways has been the foremost goal of Major League Baseball over the last year,” Baseball Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr. said in a press release, “We appreciate that the Arizona Diamondbacks prioritized this goal in the redesign of their uniforms, which aim to appeal to kids while staying true to the team’s identity.”

If the Diamondbacks “evolution” turns out to be any type of success, this is a trend we could see taking over baseball.  Manfred will not only accept the new ideas, but likely encourage them. IMG_1315-590x393 All in all seven new uniforms were unveiled by the team including two home whites, two road greys, two black alternates, one red alternate, and the only thing kept the same- a throwback jersey from the 2001 World Series Championship team.  The credit for designing these new unis can be given to the Diamondbacks in-house staff with help from Nike, and even the players themselves. IMG_1268-590x393 The face of the Diamondbacks, Paul Goldschmidt, admitted that at first most of the players were unsure about the untraditional looks.  “At first you’re like “Oh man, where are they going with this?  they had some designs at times that we didn’t like and they went back to the drawing board and re-designed them.  We were a little hesitant at first because it was something we’ve never seen before but the more we saw it the more we got excited about it.”

Whether you like the uniforms or not it is pretty evident that change is coming.  While they are undoubtedly better than the White Sox shorts, or Astros rainbow uniforms, they sure are different.  We can all agree it’ll be something we remember for a while.  It may even be something that eventually becomes the norm with the way baseball is headed.  All in all I would already rate the uniforms a success, because just a day after their reveal the Diamondbacks signed a star to toe the bump in those eye-catching threads.  Zach Greinke will now likely be the first Diamondback to take the field in 2016 wearing the Diamondbacks new uniforms.