Everett Community College Baseball + GoPro


Remember when they used to have cameras on catchers’ helmets during MLB games? I miss that. All the Periscopes, Meerkats, Facebook Lives, and GoPros of the world, why haven’t we gotten new angles of baseball games to watch yet? In this whole process of getting the average American to love baseball again, I feel like different camera angles would give a nice jump start to that process.

Everett Community College Baseball has been having some fun with GoPro cameras during their practices and intersquads, and they’ve got some cool footage to share.

I think angles like this show just how fast baseball is, and how hard it is to hit a baseball.

I don’t see why we can’t strap one of those new GoPro 4 little things to an umpire or catcher’s helmet and get the live feed, or even a recorded feet out on the internet somewhere.

Shout out to Cody Atkinson and Jacob Prater for the hook up on the videos, keep em coming.