ESPN Writer Slams Cops Singing National Anthem

ESPN Writer Howard Bryant Slams Cops Singing National Anthem

Columnist for ESPN, Howard Bryant, slams cops singing the National Anthem in an upcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine.

Tribunist: ESPN has been finding itself in the middle of creating political conversation online lately. Recently they terminated Curt Schilling for expressing his conservative views on Facebook. Now ESPN’s Howard Bryant has written in an upcoming article for ESPN The Magazine about the horror that is cops singing the National Anthem at baseball games.

Bryant describes occasions like these as “forced patriotism” and represents an “authoritarian shift at the ballpark.”

“This is feeding into the 9-11 hero narrative.”

Maybe I’m misinterpreting, but did he just imply that the first responders on September 11th, 2001 aren’t heroes? What the hell is wrong with / has gotten into ESPN lately? They’ve really stepped up in their positioning themselves as far left as possible. So one of your employees can’t share his views against bi-gender bathrooms, but you’ll willingly publish an article by one of your lefty writers bashing warcraft flyovers at games, military appreciation at the park, and cops singing the National Anthem?

Watch the full piece on Fox & Friends discussing the upcoming article.

Ps. Make sure you don’t pick up the next issue of ESPN The Magazine, or ever watch ESPN again for that matter (unless you’re deep in a Steph Curry fetish). Kiss my American ass Howard Bryant.