ESPN Cuts Curt Schilling Out Of “Four Days In October”

ESPN Four Days in October Curt Schilling

Four Days In October, ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary about the Red Sox World Series run aired tonight, and ESPN completely cut out Curt Schilling, whom they recently fired.

Seed Sack

This shit is unreal. Four Days In October is an ESPN “30 for 30” about the 2004 American League Champion Series between the Red Sox and Yankees. The one where the Sox came back from down 3-0 before sweeping the Cardinals in the World Series for their first title in 86 years. Game 6 showcased one of the most dominating postseason pitching performances of all time by Curt Schilling, especially given the circumstances. Schilling underwent impromptu surgery on his ankle right before the game to help him push off the mound. He went 7 innings of 1-run ball, and his bloody sock will forever live in Red Sox lore.

Four Days In October Curt Schilling Bloody SockESPN showed the documentary tonight, and cut Curt Schilling’s performance right out. Say what you want about Schilling, but this is absolutely childish and unprofessional. ESPN has the right to fire Schilling, but looks unbelievably stupid for cutting out his most important pitching performance of his career out of a documentary of arguably the biggest baseball postseason series of all time. This is why ESPN is the worst. Who in the world do they think they’re fooling? Why are they catering to the people that Schilling offended? Is it more important to make sure that they don’t have to see Schilling in the documentary than to tell the entire story? This gets my blood absolutely boiling. Unbelievable.

Here’s the performance for those who want to relive it.